White Ribbon Week Campaign Fights Pornography

Joanne Cachapero
NEW YORK — Nonprofit interfaith organization Morality in Media (MIM) is sponsoring its annual White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week from Oct. 28-Nov. 4.

The moral watchdog group is calling for other conservative organizations to support yearlong efforts to “fight back” against the threat of pornography.

"My challenge is this: Please participate in some way in this year’s WRAP Week and consider what you and your organization can do to oppose pornography between now and Nov. 2008,” Morality in Media President Robert Peters said.

“Frankly, I don’t know if our worthy cause can survive another eight-10 years with no enforcement of federal obscenity laws. I say this because a disturbingly larger number of our nation’s youth and young adults are viewing pornography, and they don’t even see this as a moral problem.”

This year marks the 20th anniversary of WRAP. Participants are encouraged to wear white ribbons as a symbol of purity and advocacy of the enforcement of federal obscenity laws, which the organization believes need to be more strictly enforced.

Numerous other watchdog groups join forces with MIM to campaign against the “devastating effects” of pornography on the moral fiber of the society. Advocates are prompted to organize rallies and petition drives. Spreading the word through churches and clergy, as well as contacting local, state and federal politicians is encouraged, according to the organization. The groups endorse also sending letters of complaint to business and media companies that promote or distribute pornography and adult-oriented products.

Okalahoma watchdog group American Mothers Inc., stated in the MIM quarterly newsletter that they had tapped Oklahoma governor Brad Henry and Okalahoma City mayor Mick Cornett, as well as Congresswoman Mary Fallin, R-OK, to represent their cause to various lawmakers and governmental offices.

Pennsylvania’s Good News Together We Stand (GNTWS) is organizing a prayer walk for the first Sunday of WRAP week when members will pray in front of governmental offices and adult businesses. The group also will mount a media campaign by sending articles and press releases to various media outlets, as well as sending public service announcements to local Christian radio stations.

GNTWS also will take out full-page ads in local Pennsylvania newspapers with a banner headline reading, “Pornography is Illegal. It is NOT a 1st Amendment Right,” and then local businesses will be allowed to pay a fee in order to be listed on the page.