Presidential Candidate to Attend FSC Fundraiser

Anne Winter
CANOGA PARK — Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel, D-Alaska, is slated to attend the Free Speech Coalition's Red, White and Blue fundraiser Saturday at Universal Studio's Globe Theatre.

FSC Executive Director Diane Duke said that the organization is honored to have had Gravel come forward to support the adult industry, and that he even will make himself available to the audience for a brief question-and-answer period during the event.

“The tide is turning and courageous free thinkers like Gravel are standing up and telling the truth about oppressive government intrusion into people’s personal lives that not only tears away personal freedoms, but also wastes valuable tax dollars in unwanted and misguided moral policing,” Duke said.

Duke said that Gravel noted that he was proud to be a voice for the adult industry and that he supports and respects the public's right to free speech in the bedroom.

Gravel is most known for temporarily blocking a 1971 bill to renew the military draft until President Richard Nixon and Senate republicans agreed to allow it to expire.