Silver Sinema Sets Oct. 15 Release for 'Video Seekers'

Tod Hunter
RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Silver Sinema, a division of affiliate program SilverCash, has set an Oct. 15 release date for its new DVD "Video Seekers," joining recent releases "Sex Toy Teens," "Anal Hell," "Just Legal Babes" and "Ebony Addition."

All Silver Sinema titles are distributed by Pure Play Media.

“We have had consistent success with the online version of 'Video Seekers,'" Silver Sinema Vice President of Business Development SilverCash Albert told XBIZ.. "It's homemade, amateur-style video. We're really excited to launch 'Video Seekers on DVD. We know the reality theme still has a lot of momentum, and it's not slowing down." Silver Sinema plans to release additional reality and gay titles in October and November, including "Gay Sex Resort," "Busty Solos," "Simple Fucks Vol. 2," "Foot Erotica" and "Teenage Whores Vol. 2." The 100-plus SilverCash affiliate sites provide Silver Sinema with feedback about consumer interests, Albert said. "Knowledge is power. The more data we have, that allows us to make better decisions. Our website members can provide feedback to us, and it allows us to update the content the way our members like it. And often these are the same members who will buy DVDs.”

Silver Sinema recently increased its production to three titles per month.

For sales information email Bill Rix at Pure Play Media.