Joe Francis Posts Video of Plaintiffs

Joanne Cachapero
RENO, Nev. — Girls Gone Wild (GGW) founder Joe Francis has launched a blog website,, apparently as an attempt to inform the public of his life story and extensive legal woes. Posted also on the site are GGW video clips of two Florida women who currently are suing Francis.

Francis has been incarcerated in Nevada on tax evasion charges since May; he was scheduled to be released in June but opted to stay in jail to avoid being transported to Florida where he was facing further jail time, as well as charges of using minors in GGW videos and possession of a controlled substance (in a case separate from that filed by the two women).

The blog site has an extensive 18-page autobiography of Francis, from his parents’ courtship to the present. There also is a 10-page explanation of Francis’ numerous legal problems, outlining various actions, suits, settlements and ongoing litigation.

Perhaps the most interesting area of the site is accessed via a tab called “You Be the Judge.”

Users can consent to go to a page that has three video clips featuring several women, including Christina Brose and Brooke Pastolic. In June, in the Northern District of Florida, the two women filed suit against Francis for conspiracy, providing minors with alcohol, profiting from unauthorized use of video footage, deceptive and unfair trade practices, as well as several other charges stemming from the assertion that Brose and Pastolic did not give consent for the use of their image or likeness.

In the first video clip, both Brose and Pastolic appear to give verbal consent to appear in the video for GGW.

The second video clip shows Brose and Pastolic apparently dancing suggestively with a group of young women, shot inside a nightclub. A soundtrack accompanies the video that has thumping techno music and a crowd chanting, “Take it off” in the background.

A third video clip shows a group of young women, including Brose and Pastolic, apparently shot in the GGW bus, as they strip down to their panties, kiss and follow the instructions of the unseen cameraman.

There also is an option for users to vote on whether or not it appears that the women had given their consent to appear in the video footage, as well as a link to court documents.

A statement on the page from Francis attorney David Houston reads, “Girls Gone Wild says that the women's claims ‘couldn't be further from the truth’ and says that it has ‘a strict compliance procedure’ to get consent. Frivolous lawsuits like this should not be allowed to take advantage of our legal system. Unfortunately, these plaintiffs' press releases and trumped up allegations have no resemblance to the truth, and it's time we expose these people for what they are. A situation similar to this is what's keeping Joe Francis in jail, and its time people know the truth.”

The attorney for Brose and Pastolic did not return calls for comment by post time.