Jollies Releases Hands-Free Jollie Rider

Anne Winter
PHOENIX — Silicone adult toy manufacturer Jollies has released the company's first fully insertable dildo made with a vibrator included, allowing for use hands-free use anywhere the user goes.

Jollies CEO Luze Chavez said she had received multiple requests for the company's classic Jollie dildo to be made without the attached handle, and when her designer came up with the final prototype, she knew there would be nothing like it.

"My designer is awesome and he wanted something different," Chavez said. "We wanted to create more availability for clit play, so he said, 'Let's just chop [the handle] off and make it smaller.'"

While inserted, the Jollie Ryder is completely out of sight and even can be worn while clothed, and a soft leather strap attached to the end allows for easy removal.

Chavez said the vibration is powerful enough to be felt from the inside, and even had a customer tell her she had an orgasm while out dancing one night.

And without the original Jollie's handle, which when inserted sits against the clitoris, Chavez said the Jollie Ryder is ideal for use during oral sex.

The Jollie Ryder is available in grape and pink pearl colors.

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