Dirty Bird Inks Exclusive Deal With NakedSword.com

Joanne Cachapero
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Gay video-on-demand provider NakedSword.com recently has inked an exclusive VOD deal with Dink Flamingo’s Dirty Bird Pictures.

Flamingo, who is known for amateur military content featured on his ActiveDuty.com website, recently launched Dirty Bird Pictures in order to add new content and directors to his company’s roster. The Dirty Bird line offers more story-driven features.

“They’re plot-intensive with higher production values; Mike Donner and Steve Jerome are heading up writing and directing most of those for us, though Jett Blakk is also doing one for us which is yet to be released,” Flamingo told XBIZ, “and we’re looking at several other directors to come onboard. Although two of the titles have been military titles, we’ve been doing different things all year long.”

The Dirty Bird line will be launching on NakedSword, which is operated by VOD network AEBN, with a premiere of their “Army Strongarm,” starring Trent Atkins, Hans Ebson, Mark Hansford, Login Robbins and Elijah.

“I’ve been working with Dink for years,” AEBN’s Chris Baker said. “We’ve always worked well together and he’s been amazingly loyal to us. To have this partnership between our two companies, to be able to carry a line like this is a great honor — not to mention it'll make us the first VOD company to carry titles from Dirty Bird Pictures.” Other Dirty Bird titles that will be available on NakedSword.com include “Hollywood Marine,” “The Closet” and “GrandAss House: XXX Double Feature.”

FlamingoBucks.com, which is the ActiveDuty.com affiliate site, eventually will expand to include Dirty Bird content, as well as two new sites that Flamingo is in the process of building.

One, which will be called Barrett Long’s XXXAmateurHour.com is a partnership between Flamingo and performer Barrett Long.

“We’re really excited about that. Barrett and I have a really good friendship from some of the work that we’ve done earlier this year, and Barrett was real anxious to do some producing of his own, so I went in partnership with him. We’ve shot 22 hardcore scenes so far. He’s taking professionals and putting them in amateur videos,” Flamingo said.

At the same time, Flamingo will be adding a members area to ActiveDuty.com that will feature exclusive content as well as extra bonuses for paying members.

“So XXX Amateur Hour will have [Long] sitting in a wing chair in front of a library wall, in a smoking jacket with a pipe and it’s going to be reminiscent of a 1950s family variety TV show, but this will be your variety porn show,” Flamingo said. “That [website] and Dirty Bird’s membership site will launch at the end of October.”

Branching out even further from his established position in the gay military niche, Flamingo plans also on adding a straight website to his affiliate program roster. Over the last year, he said he has formed a partnership with a husband-and-wife performing team and also has accumulated enough content for six DVDs featuring some big-name female performers.

“It’ll be called FunAmanda.com,” Flamingo said.

For more information about FlamingoBucks.com, visit FlamingoBucks.com.