Silver Sinema Releases 1st Gay Title Shot in HD

Joanne Cachapero
RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Adult production company Silver Sinema has announced its first gay title shot in high-definition. “Gay Sex Resort” will be available for retail sale on Oct. 1 and will be exclusively distributed by Pure Play Media.

Silver Sinema is the DVD division of online affiliate program, and both companies fall under the umbrella of parent company Price Communications., which operates eight gay affiliate sites, provided ample experience for the primarily straight Silver Sinema to take a try at producing a gay DVD title, Silver Sinema Albert told XBIZ. The new movie is based on one of the sites, also called “Gay Sex Resort.”

“Our Silver Sinema DVD line is specializing in HD, widescreen content for gay and straight. We’ve launched 14 or 15 titles to date [with Pure Play distribution],” Vice President of Business Development for Silver Sinema Albert told XBIZ. “Our schedule is to launch three titles per month, so we are working vigorously, and this is our first gay title. Now, on the Silver Cash side we’ve been up and have a strong presence in the gay market — we have eight gay sites that rank in the reality, high definition and hardcore gay niches. But on the Silver Sinema end, ‘Gay Sex Resort’ is our first gay DVD title.”

“Gay Sex Resort” is shot entirely in hi-def in exotic Caribbean locations, and features Jimmy S, Eli Duran, Seth King, John Chase, Austin Grant, Dallas Reeves, Richard Roxx, Nash Cannon, Angel Vasquez and Matthew James.

“With the success and the knowledge we have with the gay online sites, that helps us make good decisions; we know the demographics for the gay online side,” Silver Sinema Albert said. “The other major component is that Pure Play obviously wants a very diverse portfolio of DVD niches and when we came onboard, that was one of the driving forces — to have a wide variety of content sources and one of those was gay.

“It’s a win-win for both teams. We come from a [background of] very versatile, niche-specific titles, with options to either purchase from Silver Cash or Silver Sinema, so this is great for us because we are really integrating the consumers,” he said.

According to Pure Play Media President M. Santiago, the companies are active in discussions for the production of an entire line of gay titles with high production values and overall appeal to the gay audience.

"Our team has also invested a significant amount of resources and human capital to ensure we remain genuine to the gay community’s needs,” Santiago said. “By assisting Silver Sinema in distribution, we have taken innovative approaches to have an active gay presence in the community, build the necessary business relationships, and exercise high levels of quality control. It is imperative to be proactive in the advising process for producing premium gay content.”

“Gay Sex Resort” will be available for retail sales on Oct. 1. Contact for distribution details.