FBI Confirms More Details on Fla. 2257 Inspections

Q Boyer
LOS ANGELES — XBIZ confirmed more details Thursday concerning the 2257 inspections carried out by the FBI in Florida last week, including some facts that contradict earlier reporting on the inspections.

Special Agent Chuck Joyner of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office, the chief inspector for the FBI’s 2257 inspection team, told XBIZ that all the producers inspected fall under the category of primary producers and that the FBI had no immediate plans to begin inspections of secondary producers.

Joyner denied that the FBI had additional inspections already slated for producers in the Florida area, as some earlier reports had suggested. Joyner said that while the inspection team “always has a backlog of inspections in the queue,” he said earlier reports indicating that the FBI already had scheduled a total of 17 inspections to take place in Florida were “false — totally false.”

“I don’t know where that number came from,” Joyner said. “We had five inspections [scheduled] and we completed five.”

Joyner declined to provide details concerning how many more inspections have been scheduled, or to provide a timeframe and anticipated general geographic location for the next round of inspections.

With respect to the question of whether it was considered a violation to keep records for performers who appear in nonsex roles mixed with records for performers who do engage in sexually explicit conduct, Joyner said that he has not written up any violations for producers who keep their records in such a way.

Asked whether any of the companies inspected last week had already responded to the FBI’s initial inspection report and fully rectified their violations, Joyner said that he had received responses from some of the producers inspected last week, but he hasn’t had the opportunity to review the responses yet.

Joyner said that since his team first began conducting inspections last year, “the vast majority of companies with violations do respond within a week” and make a sincere attempt to correct their violations.