FBI Confirms 2257 Inspections in Fla. Last Week

Q Boyer
MIAMI, Fla. — The FBI's 2257 inspection team conducted five inspections of Florida-based producers last week, all of which resulted in violations, XBIZ has learned.

Special Agent Chuck Joyner, the head of the FBI’s inspection team, confirmed to XBIZ via email that the inspection team flew to Miami on Sept. 16, and conducted the inspections over the course of that week.

Joyner told XBIZ that all five inspections resulted in violations, but at this time the FBI has no evidence of any minors being included in the content. Joyner said that one producer admitted that he did not keep any photo identification records prior to 2005, and a second producer failed to produce any photo identification records at the time of his inspection.

XBIZ has confirmed that one of the producers inspected was CandidCam.com. Other media reports indicated that VoyeurDorm.com had been inspected, but Mark Dolan, who represents both companies and was present for the inspection in question, told XBIZ that the inspection was of records maintained by CandidCam, not VoyeurDorm.

“The agents were very polite, cordial and thorough,” Dolan said, adding that the inspection took about three to four hours for agents to complete.

Dolan told XBIZ that while the inspection team did identify a few violations, all of the violations were minor. Dolan said that other violations included the need to change the address for the custodian of records for the company, as some material had an old address, and that the FBI requested that the dates of production be included on the company’s DVDs so that the address displayed when the disc was played. Dolan said that the DVD boxes did have the date of production listed.

Another violation involved having too much data with the records for a given title, Dolan said. In that instance, records for performers who had nonsex roles in the video were included in the records for the performers who did engage in sexually explicit conduct. Curing that violation involved merely removing the records for the nonsex performers, Dolan said.

“All things considered, I thought the inspection went very well,” Dolan said.

Joyner was traveling and not immediately available for follow-up questions, and could not be reached to confirm the information provided by Dolan.