Stagliano, Jordan Issue Response to Kaytel Owner

Tod Hunter
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Evil Angel owner John Stagliano and producer/director Jules Jordan have jointly rebutted a private email from Kaytel owner Alain Elmaleh in which Elmaleh said that the jury verdict in his recent piracy case was "overruled" and that he had won a summary judgment against Evil Angel and Jules Jordan Productions on their copyright infringement case.

Evil Angel and Jordan won a $17.5 million judgment against Kaytel in August.

"Elmaleh prematurely and inaccurately declared victory in the federal lawsuit brought against him and his companies by Evil Angel and Jules Jordan Video," the joint email said.

"Amazingly, he goes on to portray himself as a victim. When you consider that he was found liable by a unanimous jury for video piracy, trademark infringement and violation of Mr. [Jordan's] right of publicity, it becomes clear that, if Elmaleh is a victim, he is a victim of his own greed.

"[Wednesday], the court issued an order, overturning the verdict on some of the copyright claims against Elmaleh and his two companies, Kaytel and Leisure Time, on highly technical legal grounds. What Elmaleh didn't say in his self-serving announcement is that even if these copyright claims are not reinstated by the Court of Appeals (and we believe we have an excellent chance of having those claims reinstated), and even if his legal team is successful in limiting the damages in this case to only seven million dollars, he has been found liable by a unanimous federal jury of video piracy, invasion of [Jules Jordan's] right of publicity, and violation of Evil Angel's federally registered trademark."

"Be assured that we will not shrink from continuing this war against video piracy," the email concluded. "We intend to seek review of the Court of Appeals to reinstate the balance of our multi million-dollar verdict against Mr. Elmaleh and his companies. We intend to aggressively commence collection of whatever portion of the judgment the court finally approves. We will continue to prosecute any company, to the fullest extent of the law, that we find infringing on our rights."

When contacted, Evil Angel Production Consultant Karen Stagliano declined further comment. An email to Kaytel was not answered at press time.