PPT Heads to Mexico, IWantU Joins as Sponsor

PHOENIX — The Porn Poker tour is heading to La Salina, Mexico, for the WYPD event Thursday through Sunday, as webmasters ante up to win a lot more than pesos.

“There seems to be a great demand for the PPT at the shows” Dan of CamZ said. “We are heading to one of our favorite places and shows, the WYPD in Mexico. Lets see who can hold their cards as well as their tequila.”

"We think its great that the Porn Poker Tour is crossing the border again and heading to the WYPD,” YNOT Bob said. “And I thank the tour for supporting my WYPD each and every year.”

The PPT is free to all show attendees.

Additionally, IWantU has become the latest sponsor of the Porn Poker Tour, joining CamZ.com, NetBilling.com, DatingGold.com, Eroticy.com, and eRevCard.com.

“IWantU is an ideal sponsor for the Porn Poker Tour” Dan said. “If you want it, come and get it. We are happy to have them aboard the Tour and thanks to IWantU’s added sponsorship, the prize pool goes up.”

“Considering the team of IWantU is always all in when it comes to business, we did the same with sponsoring the PPT,” Keith Bussey of IWantU said. “Poker is an ideal way to have a good time and get some business relationships established. We are proud to support the webmaster community.”

More information is available here.