Chinese Ban 2 'Extremely Pornographic' Radio Shows

Tod Hunter
BEIJING — Chinese authorities have banned two late-night radio shows that discussed sex and drugs for damaging young people and being "extremely pornographic," continuing the recent crackdown on free expression in China.

The latest order follows a ban on TV shows about cosmetic surgery and sex changes, and the shutdown of a "coarse" talent show.

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television said on its website Wednesday that two radio stations in the Sichuan province "aired programs about sex and drugs for two to three hours after 9 p.m. every day."

"The programs contained extremely pornographic material, caused great harm to the psychological development of young people, fouled the social air, and damaged the reputation of China's broadcasting institutions," the report said.

The stations were ordered to suspend the shows immediately and punish the producers. The shows were not named in the report.

Late-night call-in programs featuring sexually explicit conversations and ads for enhancement drugs are common in China. Most are advice shows that help callers with issues such as sexual performance or sexually transmitted diseases. Reports said that the shows are tame compared to programs in the U.S. and callers generally do not go into explicit detail.

Reporters made calls to the stations, Sichuan People's Broadcasting and Chengdu People's Broadcasting, but they went unanswered.

Last month, a talent show, "The First Time I Was Touched," was banned for being vulgar and lacking in artistic standards.