Jollies Debuts New Ergonomic Dildos

Anne Winter
PHOENIX — Silicone toy manufacturer Jollies has debuted three new ergonomic insertables and will begin production of its first vibrating Jollie later this week.

The Jollet and Luna dildos both were made from internal molds taken from models by a medical designer who works closely with the company, Jollies CEO Luze Chavez told XBIZ.

The Jollet is an updated version of the company's Jollie design — an exact mold of a woman's vagina, complete with a G-spot hump and tapered end ideal for cervical stimulation.

For the Jollet, Chavez said, the Jollie's handle was replaced with two small stimulation bumps, making it more closely resemble a typical dildo. Its shaft has a hole at the end to accommodate an optional bullet vibe.

The Luna dildo, made using a mold of a woman's rectum, was made asymmetrical for a secure fit, accommodating the rectal muscles' expulsive reaction during orgasm. Chavez said this is the first "blast proof" anal toy she's seen.

Chavez also said that though the Luna was made for a woman's rectum, which is shaped differently from a man's, Jollies will soon release a specially molded Luna-type toy for men. In the meantime, she said, the Luna can be used just as effectively for men when twisted into the right spot.

Jollies' third new toy is the Wave, an 8-inch slender dildo with subtle wave-like bumps along its entire length. Chavez said this toy is ideal for both first-timers and fans of anal and vaginal insertion.

All three new toys are available in brightly colored silicone and are available at Jollies' online store.

Chavez also said that Jollies soon will begin production of its newest toy, the Jollie Ryder — the company's first fully insertable vibrating silicone ergonomic dildo.