'The Best of Ramon Mendez' now available exclusively on NakedSword-AEBN

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Both parts of Alexander Pictures' two-part compilation of performer Ramon Mendez's work, known as "The Best of Ramon Mendez," will be available exclusively through video-on-demand provider NakedSword-AEBN.

"The Best of Ramon Mendez, part 1" was released in early August and the second part will be released on the theater network in early September. This collection comes as Mendez makes plans to exit the business to pursue other interests, leaving a small body of work as his adult film legacy.

The compilation is the first in a series of "Best of" collections from Alexander Pictures which, like "The Best of Ramon Mendez," are being made exclusively for NakedSword-AEBN.

"I had a conversation with Alexander last October," AEBN's Chris Baker said. "We talked about what people loved about his movies and I mentioned the following that his models have. We got to talking about how great it would be to have a film featuring Ramon Mendez that highlights his great career and that's where it started. I didn't even know that Ramon was leaving at the time."

"Ramon Mendez is one of the very special superstars working exclusively with Alexander Pictures," Alexander Pictures Owner-Producer Alexander Matunine said. "Unfortunately, he is no longer working in adult industry. It was a pleasure working with him and having him as part of my company. He was everything that producers and fans could want on screen."

"The Best of Ramon Mendez," part of Alexander Pictures' Latin films, was produced in Argentina. Part 1 is currently available on NakedSword-AEBN, with the final chapter will be available in early September.

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