La. Video Plus Raided By Police

Gretchen Gallen
WEBSTER, La. – On the heels of a three-month investigation, adult video store La. Video Plus was raided this week by Louisiana state police over allegations that the store owner was violating state obscenity laws.

According to reports emerging from local media, the store was raided earlier this week and stripped of hundreds of videos, magazines, DVDs, store inventory and employee records as evidence.

The case will be presented before a grand jury next month, represented by Webster District Attorney Schuyler Marvin, who is using local community standards to try and prove the store's material is illegal.

Marvin is waging the argument that more than just the sale of adult videos was taking place at La. Video Plus and that the establishment's owner was providing porn viewing booths, which he claims were in direct violation of state law.

"I think that clearly is beyond the limits of our community standards," Marvin said.

"We're getting a sample for the grand jury of each type of pornography and the grand jury will decide whether or not it violates their obscenity laws," state police spokesman Doug Pierrelee said. "There's every type of deviant sexual behavior in there."

In addition to the search and seizure, one employee was arrested for drug possession and he has been booked into the Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.

The raid is similar to one that happened two years ago in the same area when the owner of an adult video store called Fantasy Video was convicted of obscenity after adult movies were seized at his store and later viewed by a jury. The owner avoided jail time by agreeing to close his store.