Tenn. Authorities Stand by Nyte’s Right to Shoot

Matt O'Conner
NASHVILLE — Despite pressure from some vocal conservatives within the community, the district attorney general has asserted Summer Nyte Video Production’s right to film a gangbang movie in his county.

Torry Johnson said he saw no evidence of illegal activity surrounding the shoot for “The World’s Largest Blowbang,” which was a joint effort with XISentertainment of South Carolina.

“Our officers have been contacted by Metro (police), but we don’t have actual proof of a crime,” Johnson said.

A spokesperson from Johnson’s office confirmed with XBiz that it does not plan to press charges against Nyte and husband David Moore, who helped produce the movie.

Filming for the movie took place between April 1 and April 2 in a space above a popular Nashville swinger’s club. Ron Jeremy hosted the event.

Nyte told XBiz that she had intended to establish the first-ever record for a “blowbang,” or all-oral gangbang, by recruiting men aged 21-62 to take part in the shoot through websites and online swinger’s groups.

The plan was for Nyte and another actress to bring to completion more than 300 men during the course of a 24 hour period. Nyte added, however, that the number of men who actually showed up was closer to 200. And since the other actress backed out, Nyte was left to do the job alone.

“It was all oral with facials,” she told XBix. “By the end of 24 hours, I literally passed out… I also lost my voice for a few days, as well, but I do have to say it was worth it all, and I plan on doing something similar in the near future.”

Among the crowd, Nyte said, were several police officers.

“A couple of police officers signed up to be in the video,” Nyte said. “But when it came time to be their turn, they decided not to go through with it.”

Nyte said she believes the officers actually came only to check up on the operation and make sure nothing illegal was taking place.

She said her team also encountered an uninvited man posing as “a reporter writing for a blog in New York” during the shoot.

Although Tennessee is not a hotbed of adult film production, the state’s laws regarding pornography are based on the same community-standards test as most parts of the country.

County officials have used civil ordinances to shut down more than 35 adult businesses in recent years, but Nyte told XBiz that she and Moore had checked with the district attorney general’s office before the shoot and were assured that filming was lawful according to county statutes.

“The World’s Largest Blowbang” is slated for release in July.