Adult Businessman Launches New Political Party

Joanne Cachapero
AUCKLAND CITY, N.Z. — Auckland pornographer Steve Crowe has launched a new political party in an effort to challenge the current candidates in Auckland’s upcoming mayoral race. Campaigning on the party platform, Crowe will make his bid for mayor.

Crowe is the owner of Vixen Direct, a company that produces adult DVDs and distributes them to the Australian and South African markets. The company also operates a retail store in Auckland.

The controversial Crowe raised eyebrows by sponsoring last year’s Boobs On Bikes Parade held in Auckland. Then, last month, Crowe made international news by trying to take his company public on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, in an effort to raise investment funds to open several high-end retail outlets.

Currently, the urban area of Auckland is divided into four areas — North Shore City, Waitakere City, Manukau City and Auckland — each with their own mayor and governing infrastructure. Crowe believes that the region would be better served by incorporating under one mayor and combining governing councils.

Crowe believes that by reducing the number of council members, the city will benefit. He announced that in several weeks, will be announcing candidates and policies for their campaign.

“I am very proud to be associated with this team of people and believe this new party offers the best chance to fix a very broken Auckland city and its administration,” Crow said.

A lobbying group called the One Auckland Trust has taken issue with Crowe’s decision to use an almost identical name for his new party. One Auckland Trust Chairman Grant Kirby has registered the group’s name and contacted lawyers to determine if Crowe is infringing on the name. Grant has stated that the lobbying group does not want to be associated with any specific political party.

Other candidates confirmed to be running for the Auckland mayoralty are incumbent Dick Hubbard, former mayor John Banks and independent councilor John Hinchcliff.