Shy Love’s ATM Agency Adds Gay Division

Joanne Cachapero
LOS ANGELES — Adult performer and agent Shy Love has announced that her agency, Adult Talent Management, will represent gay performers in addition to her roster of straight talent.

Love, who is a feature dancer and has had stints as a director, has appeared in a number of bisexual videos including All Worlds’ 2006 title “Bi-back Mountain,” also starring Brian Austin and Tommy Blade.

Having worked on both sides of the industry, Love saw an opportunity to provide a service for newcomers to the gay industry.

“Honestly, the motivation was that a few of my friends rep in the gay market right now and they are always trying to look for new talent,” Love told XBIZ. “Then there are gay males that want to get into the market and in the past, I haven’t been able to tell them anything except, ‘Hey, contact Chi Chi La Rue’ or contact this person and that was the only way. There really hasn’t been anyone to market and manage them correctly. “So after speaking to a couple of people and getting a few phone calls asking if I would represent gay males, I said this is a perfect opportunity to bring in the gay males and help get them the jobs that they want, and help them build up the careers that they need.”

Love said the gay models would be marketed primarily to gay producers, noting that with rare exception, male performers do not work both sides of the industry. There currently are three gay performers on the agency’s list.

“I work in both sides and usually the straight side doesn’t accept the gay side. But the gay side does accept the straight side. It’s a really awkward situation, but I’ve been lucky to work on both sides and not be affected by it,” Love said.

In any case, Love feels since no other agency is representing both straight and gay talent, she is helping to break down barriers between both sides of the industry.

“It’s really new but I’m getting a good response, so that’s a good thing,” Love said. “We are actively recruiting across the entire country. All people have to do is go to and we will immediately contact them.”