Kentucky Antiporn Group Targets Indiana Adult Business

Tod Hunter
CLARKSVILLE, Ind. — Louisville, Ky.-based conservative group Reclaim Our Culture Kentuckiana ("ROCK") has set its sights across the Ohio River into Indiana, posting a large billboard reading "XXX/Garbage in. Garbage out," with an image of handcuffs, near Theatair X, a 24-hour adult store and theater on Highway 31 in Clarksville.

"The billboard doesn't bother me but the propaganda on their website does," Theatair X District Manager Bob Hollis told XBIZ. "They've been here before. They put the billboard across the interstate from ours, but only facing one way."

Hollis said that the billboard hasn't had any effect on business since it went up on July 20.

Theatair X was started in 1969 as a drive-in theater, with screens on both sides of the interstate. It now is an adult video and toy store with two theaters offering continuous shows of projected video.

"We used to be out in the sticks," Hollis said. "The town grew up around us. Two years ago they opened a new exit off the interstate right near us, and business went up."

Established in 2004, ROCK is a conservative group with a stated objective of "Building Stronger Communities and Families." Their website offers links to conservative groups like Agape Press, Citizens for Community Values and Focus on the Family, and invites users to become "ROCK Soldiers," defined as "one who has enlisted on the front lines of the culture war."

ROCK will be promoting their antiporn campaign at a July 26 press conference to be held at the location of their billboard.