Arrow Productions Strikes Poster Licensing Deal

Joanne Cachapero
LAS VEGAS —Arrow Productionshas announced a licensing deal with the Acumen Entertainment Group for the rights to produce movie posters, canvas poster art, 3-D posters and film-cell wall art using imagery from Arrow’s extensive catalog of vintage ‘70s adult films.

“You can get your piece of the Pussycat Theatre — an authentic piece of ‘Deep Throat’ from the Pussycat Theatre on a plaque that you can hang on your wall,” Arrow’s Director of Licensing Robert Interlandi told XBIZ.

In 1996, current owner Ray Pistol purchased Arrow Films from Lou Peraino Sr. The sale included exclusive rights to the 1972 adult classic “Deep Throat.”

Currently, Arrow’s catalog includes many iconic films including “Candy Stripers,” the original “Debbie Does Dallas,” The Devil In Miss Jones” and “Autobiography of a Flea,” to name a few.

“I told Pistol about licensing almost two years ago and a poster deal was at the top of my list, but I was having so much trouble with it and then I finally found a company that was as excited about it as me, so I went with them,” Interlandi said.

“We are excited to offer customers the opportunity to buy Arrow’s movie posters and memorabilia of the adult movies that everyone grew up on,” Acumen President Bob McLauchlan said. “Arrow is the type of company that is thinking like a mainstream production company to promote their products and we are proud to team up with an Iconic company like Arrow Productions. The retro porn style is a hot seller and Arrow has tons of great art.”

Interlandi has been spearheading Las Vegas-based Arrow Production’s licensing division and has struck deals with companies for apparel, Halloween costumes, bar merchandise and fixtures, as well as promoting a “Deep Throat” energy drink that Arrow will produce itself.

Most of his licensing deals have come from doing footwork at various trade shows that are held in Las Vegas, where Interlandi lives.

“When we introduced the ‘Deep Throat’ energy drink — people would want the can for a souvenir,” Interlandi said. “And I realized that our porn company isn’t just an adult production company, but that we actually have the chance to be a memorabilia company.

“Everything is so iconic; you think about when we were a kid and first saw the movie whenever you look at the poster. That whole nostalgia for the icons of adult.”

The posters are available on and can be accessed by searching the movie title or performer’s name. To purchase posters licensed by Arrow Productions, click here.