FBI Inspects 2257 Records at Gentlemen's Video

Tod Hunter
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — FBI agent Chuck Joyner and five retired agents inspected the 2257 records of more than 10 videos at adult production company Gentlemen's Video Thursday.

"They were very pleasant. They're willing to work with us," Gentlemen's Video President Michael Esposito told XBIZ. "They're willing to explain everything. Their mission was to make sure that we didn't have girls that were underage."

The company's 2257 records weren't cross-referenced, which is a technical violation. The agents told the company to cross-reference the records, and Gentlemen's Video has hired a person to do so.

Esposito said that the FBI agents were professional and polite.

"They did their job, and they're willing to work with us, not against us. They were fair and honest," Esposito said. "I'm glad it's over, because now I know we had a good record. We just have to put things in correct order."

One of the agents told Esposito that their reception at production companies was a surprise to him.

"They didn't expect us — the whole industry — to be so accommodating," Esposito said. "They expected us to be a bunch of rowdy people who don't care about anything. It was the opposite, and the agent said 'Every place we go, everyone's accommodating and willing to work with us.''

The inspection is the first reported 2257 inspection since June 20, when the records of specialty production company Filmco were inspected.