Hyde Park Productions, White Tiger in Distro Deal

Joanne Cachapero
PHOENIX, Ariz. — Hyde Park Productions has announced an exclusive distribution deal with White Tiger Releasing for their new line of twink BDSM DVDs. The new imprint will be called Dark Realm Productions.

“I’m pretty pleased to being doing something like that with them because they’re known for their high quality in their twink movies,” White Tiger’s Kurt Harold told XBIZ. “Hyde Park is known for their twink content. What they’re doing is creating a new line that caters to the BDSM community in a twink fashion. There’s not really a lot of subject matter in terms of DVDs that show twinks in a BDSM concept. They’re going to create a new line of movies that features 18 to 22 year-olds in a BDSM setting and it’s a genre that is really being underserved.”

Dark Realm’s first release will be “Twink Awakening.” Currently in production, the movie stars newcomer Brian Payne, Jon Jameson ("Twink Toy Story" and "Twink Toy Story 2"), Chris O’Conner ("Lord of the Boyz") and Ryan Meyers.

Payne stars as a young man who wishes to explore those darker sexual feelings that everyone has and builds his way to a spectacular awakening of his darker, inner self. “We wanted a distribution company that respected our devotion to quality and desired the opportunity to market movies that will fill a glaring void in gay adult movies. White Tiger, which presently distributes Hyde Park’s line of twink videos, was the perfect choice for Dark Realm,” Hyde Park director Ted McIntyre said.

“Twink Awakening” will hit streets on Sept. 21.