Opens New Office, Doubles Production

Tod Hunter
MELBOURNE, Australia — Australian amateur website has opened a second office, in Sydney, to increase content production and double its current output. The company was started in Sydney seven years ago, and moved production and business offices to Melbourne in 2003.

"We opened a new production office in Sydney because we decided we needed more content," Sydney General Manager and Vice President Jo Mason said. "The vast majority of other sites don't produce their content themselves; they merely purchase it from suppliers. The few that do produce their own tend to supplement with externally sourced content when they need more. "By always producing our own, we maintain our high technical standards and keep our aesthetics consistent. After all, what we produce is quite popular as it is. Anything externally produced would only diminish the overall quality of the website."

Content on the site features natural amateur Australian girls in nude photoshoots and videos, solo and in groups, plus girl/girl and masturbation scenes. The models are shot in their regular clothes in their own bedrooms or outdoors. The website is updated daily with exclusive material shot by the in-house all-female crew. The site has reported steady growth over the past several years.

The site's two DVD lines (one of girl/girl videos, one of masturbation videos) will be expanded, and there has been discussion of a third group-shoot line. AbbyWinters DVDs are distributed in the U.S. by TightFit Productions.

Plans call for the site to be divided into three separate sites: a solo site, a girl/girl site and a video-only masturbation site. Content from the new Sydney office will be used for the three new sites. The company also is looking to expand distribution by VOD and other channels.

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