Industry Peeps Pack XBIZ Bashes

Anne Winter
The XBIZ Summer '07 Forum is about business, but there's no adult industry gathering without the business of pleasure. The attendees of the Forum set upon Wednesday night at three different bashes.

XBIZ Welcomes Industry to the Hard Rock by Bonnie Elle

LAS VEGAS — After a full day of seminars, workshops and business, everyone at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino here at the XBIZ Summer '07 Forum wanted to relax and party. XBIZ transformed the poolside area into a Welcome Reception Pool Party just for that reason.

Surprisingly delicious fried shrimp, chicken-and-pepper skewers and best of all, sweet and strong margaritas made their way around the party from 9 p.m. until it wound down.

Girls in the quintessential XBIZ orange bikinis danced on-stage while partygoers mingled and a few possibly margarita-laden folks tore up the dance area. The reception was just the beginning of a very party-friendly evening.

Cybersocket Hosts Suite Soiree by Joanne Cachapero

LAS VEGAS — Gay web portal Cybersocket made their party presence known, hosting events every night of the Summer Forum, with an opening night soiree at gay nightclub Piranha, and suite parties at the Hardrock, both Wednesday and Thursday nights.

The Wednesday night Cybersocket celebrity suite party was a mellow alternative to XBIZ’s own welcome party, with several attendees hitting both events before making their way to the late-night Girls of the Internet Party held at club Body English, located also at the Hard Rock.

“Let’s be realistic. I’ve been coming to these things for a long time, and anybody who thinks that they’re going to come to these things and put on a suit and tie and ‘network’ is mental. That’s mental and rookie. That’s not really how this show works,”’s Karl Edwards told XBIZ, as he strummed his ukulele for Cybersocket guests. “This show is really about meeting people, establishing relationships and letting those relationships turn into business as time goes on. That’s really what happens. What I am going to do is meet someone, and if they impress me and I impress them, then if they have a service that I need to consume, I’m going to go to them,” he said.

Cybersocket account executive Douglas Richter commented on all things hot – including the weather. At Cybersocket, some content trends that seem to be heating up are live streaming, webcam and amateur content, according to Richter.

“That’s all growing very, very fast. The more you can interact with the model, the better it is. And the more amateurish that things look, the better it seems to be doing. People want that; they want that raw, edgy content. Humans are very plugged-in right now and they want to see that,” he said.

The Cybersocket celebrity suite was cozy but comfortable for numerous show attendees that came by to hang out and nosh on a generous spread of party fare, with sushi, coldcuts, chicken wings and mini-hamburger sliders.

Some of the partygoers included Cybersocket founder Morgan Sommers, Rand Pate along with several of the Epoch crew, DHD Media’s Joel Hoskins,’s Derrick Bronco, Sean Banks and Keith Miller from Helix Productions and Cybersocket’s Director of Special Events Michelle Aragon.

Commenting on the Summer Forum environment for work and play, Cybersocket’s Richter said, “I’ll tell you the truth; we go to a lot of shows, and so far, if half the stuff that I discussed comes to fruition, this is going to be one of the best shows of the year so far for us – really an amazing show. We’re really happy with it.”

Party sponsors included Epoch,,, the Flesh Jack, Dirty Boy Video, and

Body English Rocks the Hard Rock by Anne Winter

LAS VEGAS — Industry folk flashing their wristbands bypassed the swell of people eager to walk through the doors of Body English for the "Girls of the Internet" party.

To the fast beats of hot DJs Austin Leeds and Nick Terranova, aka Starkillers, members of the adult industry mingled and boozed with models and mainstream people who felt lucky enough to have gotten in.

Exclusive company booths lined the walls packed with girls wearing little dresses and big smiles as the Grey Goose and fresh juice flowed freely.

The babes from Video Secrets hung out at the XBIZ table and were visited by's Derek Meklir, Commercegate's Bjorn Skarlen and "the original Roy Karch," who told XBIZ that the first day of the Summer Forum was indeed a great one.