Industry Organization Formed to Combat Content Piracy

Joanne Cachapero
LOS ANGELES —Adult industry members have announced formation of the Global Anti-Piracy Agency, a nonprofit trade organization dedicated to combating content theft, from illegally downloaded Internet content to illegally reproduced DVDs. Initial funding for GAPA has been provided by Sureflix Digital Distribution, Inc., parent company of gay distribution network Maleflixxx.

“This is really in recognition of a problem that everyone is aware of and is affecting everyone in the industry,” GAPA Interim Executive Director Caryn Goldberg told XBIZ.

GAPA estimates that illegal downloading, file-sharing and other forms of piracy are costing adult industry producers, distributors, retailers, cable operators, VOD and mobile providers nearly $2 billion a year in lost revenue.

“We’re not talking so much about a guy that downloads a couple of videos illegally, although that is a problem. It’s all the file-sharing services. Look what the recording industry did to Napster. It’s these gross infringements, like file-sharing and BitTorrent.” said Goldberg.

GAPA has defined its goals as identifying and stopping theft of intellectual property whenever possible, as well as lobbying governmental bodies to create, strengthen and uphold content piracy laws. The organization also will actively seek to educate industry members and the public on issues concerning intellectual property theft.

“Look at what the recording industry and the mainstream movie industry have done by just mobilizing task forces and organizations through their main trade organizations, to fight piracy as much as possible,” Goldberg said. “Every once in a while, you hear about big cases bringing down at least the major infringers.”

The organization was founded in June after Sureflix Digital Distribution Inc. President Eric Johnson approached Goldberg and supplied start-up funding for the nonprofit. The organization will seek further funding from memberships fees, donations and other sources.

“Sureflix is committed to providing initial and ongoing support to enable the long-term survival of the organization,” Johnson said. We’re looking to members of the adult industry for organizational and financial support to ensure that GAPA becomes an effective and independent organization. Towards that end, we’ve appointed Caryn Goldberg, a well-respected leader in the adult entertainment industry, as interim executive director.”.

Goldberg was formerly president and publisher at SpecPub Inc., a producer of gay adult entertainment publications and websites. Prior to her career in the adult industry, she had 10 years of experience in nonprofit management and fund-raising.

Incorporated just two weeks ago, the organization has filed for nonprofit status and is looking for office space in the Los Angeles area. Goldberg currently is running a one-woman operation and is looking to staff up within the next few weeks.

“This organization is dedicated to the industry as a whole,” Goldberg said. “We’re here and I’d say that we’ll be in full operation by September. That’s when you’ll really see some action from us.”