Joy King Appointed to FSC Board of Directors

Joanne Cachapero
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition announced today that Joy King has been appointed to its board of directors. King also is vice president of special events at Wicked Pictures . She will fill the position of Fairvilla Megastores’ Bill Murphy, who has vacated his seat for personal reasons.

“We are thrilled to have Joy join our FSC board,” Free Speech Coalition Executive Director Diane Duke said. “She is a proven leader and has been instrumental in our lobbying efforts. Her commitment to the industry and its success are unwavering.”

King will serve the remaining six months of the current term and then have the opportunity to run for reappointment at the vote of general members. She was asked to fill the position after consideration by other board members.

“I’ve been part of the lobbying efforts for more than 10 years; going up to Sacramento and lobbying on behalf of the industry,” King told XBIZ. “I’ve been asked in the past and the timing just hasn’t worked out for me. But it just so happens that I’m at a place in my position at Wicked where Steve [Orenstein] and I felt I actually would have the time to commit to it.”

King said she looks forward to committing herself to board duties and also hopes to promote involvement from all areas of the industry.

“It’s funny because this industry is held together by shoestrings a lot of times and I would like to see the industry support the FSC efforts a little more actively. Maybe drum up some more support from the performers,” King said. “In terms of the things that go on, sometimes I think they just take the industry for granted.”

“If it weren’t for the FSC making the efforts they do to fight against the legislation, they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the livelihood that they have. I’d like to see some more support from other places in the industry; not just the same people that are always there to support it,” she said.

King has actively encouraged performers including Jessica Drake, Kalona Lei, Devinn Lane, Sydnee Steele and other Wicked staffers to participate in Lobbying Days, where members of the industry and the FSC travel to Sacramento to lobby politicians on behalf of adult entertainment.

“Eventually, they really have an understanding that the government is your government and you pay their salaries, and if you take a slightly different attitude going into it, you can be part of the whole process, in terms of dealing with the government,” King said. “Towards the end of it, you get to see them sort of puff out their chest a little bit and realize that they did make a difference.”