3 Arrested in Raids on 2 Miss. Adult Stores

Tod Hunter
JACKSON, Miss. — Police raided two adult stores here Monday and arrested an owner and two clerks on misdemeanor charges of selling illegal sex toys.

The individuals arrested have been identified by Jackson NBC affiliate WLBT as Harry Rosenthal, 66, a Jackson attorney who is listed as owner of Secrets; James David Henderson, 53, the manager of Secrets; and Misty Jordan, 34, the manager of Adult Video & Books.

An undercover officer purchased sex toys at Secrets adult bookstore and Adult Video & Books, according to Sgt. William Gladney of the Jackson Vice and Narcotics Unit. After getting a warrant, police returned about 4 p.m.,made arrests, and confiscated sex toys at each store.

It is illegal in Mississippi to sell any device designed to stimulate human genitals, Gladney said.

"It must have been a slow day on the police docket. It's one of those examples of laws that if more Americans knew about them, would really get people's backs up," Dr. Carol Queen, staff sexologist at Good Vibrations, told XBIZ. "Most Americans think that what's in the drawer by the bedside table is their own business and, by extension, they want to be able to go and get one of those things when they want one. That Mississippi and those few other states that have these laws on the books still enforce them — even sporadically and occasionally — is really a shame."