Affiliate Programs Team Up to Launch Adult Search Engine

Matt O'Conner
NORCROSS, Ga. — CECash, OCCash and GigaCash have joined together to roll out, an adult search engine designed to help affiliates increase targeted traffic, have more control over search results and generate additional revenue, according to company representatives.

According to Splitz, a programmer at CE Cash, adult search engines have traditionally had a problem generating traffic, and webmasters have found the task of fighting for rank to be exhaustive. The goal of AdultGalleria, he said, is to provide webmasters with a profitable alternative to typical search engines by overcoming those problems.

Splitz said AdultGalleria accomplishes this through a number of unique features. For example, the site is designed to help affiliates keep surfers on their own pages.

“Webmasters have many sites of their own covering many niches,” Splitz said. “[And they] are always trying to get the best rank possible for all of them in search engines. With AdultGalleria, all of the searches performed by visitors you send will display your sites first, provided they are relative to the search terms, followed by all other listings. This is a great way of bridging the gap between all of your sites and building cross traffic. In a way, it provides you with your own personal search engine focusing on your network of sites.”

Affiliates also receive personal linking codes that track all the traffic they refer to AdultGalleria, guaranteeing that they receive credit for every click and every sign-up that results from traffic they refer to partners such as CECash, Safe Sex Mall, OCCash and GigaCash.

“Each of these sponsors provides you with an account number or username that is unique to you,” Splitz explained. “This allows them to track your traffic and sales with them. All of the targeted advertisements displayed contain your unique codes and you get full credit for any sales to any of the partnering affiliate programs.”

AdultGalleria operates on a pay-per-click model. To help affiliates control costs, each affiliate determines the price they are willing to pay per click and the number of clicks they would like to receive per hour.

Splitz said the site’s developers have placed an emphasis on serving up advertisements based on relevance to search terms to help ensure the highest possible click-through rate on banners and maximize revenues from resulting subscriptions.

Splitz added that Adult Galleria offers a one-to-one click ratio, so that for every click an affiliate’s banner exchange code produces, they receive a click in return.