Mick Jagger’s Daughter Wins Sex Tape Injunction

Jeff Berg
LONDON — A London court has awarded fashion model and celebrity daughter Elizabeth Jagger a temporary restraining order against the broadcast and publication of closed-circuit television footage taken of Jagger and boyfriend Calum Best engaging in “sexual activities” in a trendy London nightspot.

Justice Bell of London’s High Court awarded the injunction against the John Darling, manager of London Kabaret’s Prophecy Nightclub, after finding that the 20-year-old daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, and boyfriend and fellow model Calum Best had a “legitimate expectation of privacy.”

“Although the claimant may be said to be guilty of misconduct in a most general sense,” she was not, in my view on the present information, guilty of such moral turpitude as to prevent her seeking her remedy from the court,” Bell ruled.

While the judge did not go into details about the tape, recorded by a security camera inside the front doors of the club, other reports indicate that the tape featured a variety of different sex acts and several interruptions by passer-by.

Taking place in February, shortly after a party for fashion designer Matthew Williamson wound down, the tape begins with Jagger and Best kissing passionately at the top of the entrance stars. Within seconds of the other celebrity guests departing, Jagger begins to “intimately touch” Best, to which he responds by taking out his cellphone and checking his text messages.

Best then began to undress Jagger, pausing to push his fingers into her mouth, and then took pictures of her using the camera on his mobile phone.

The couple then engages in a variety of different acts, pausing at one point as a security guard tries to maneuver around them, accidentally trampling Jagger’s fake fur stole in the process.

The video lasts for about 11 minutes.

“They didn’t care that all their groping and petting could easily be seen by security and other guests,” an anonymous source told British publication News of the World. “They were doing the most private things and the guard could see everything. But they just carried on.”