DateApp Offers Free Webmaster Tutorials

Matt O'Conner
ATLANTA — is now providing a weekly interactive classroom to help webmasters who use its software create and market custom dating sites.

“Our technology is user friendly, but in talking to webmasters, we found many had no idea they could do things like customizing the front end of a site or tying into a whole dating network,” said John Michael Cataldi, CEO of DateApp.

DateApp’s hour-long online classrooms are being offered at no charge and will cover topics such as application training, competitive analysis, advanced pay-per-click management, marketing tactics and strategy.

“We’re teaching webmasters not just how to use our technology, but also how to market their sites on little or no budget and how to maximize ROI,” Cataldi said. “We’re inviting in guest speakers who can help webmasters develop better strategies to target and convert dating traffic, such as creating community-based dating portals.”

Attendance at the sessions is being limited to 15 webmasters in order to provide each webmaster with individual instruction on topics of interest to them.

“It is important for webmasters to understand the flexibility of our dating application, including the set up of their affiliate network and [search engine optimization],” said Lee Markham, vice president of technology at DateApp. “These are powerful tools to increase their own profitability.”

The company plans to run multiple sessions simultaneously to meet demand and will create “specialized interest groups” to ensure the weekly lessons focus on the specific marketing needs of niche sites.

“We learn as much from our partners as they do from us,” Cataldi said. “Our webmasters’ insight and our internal metrics on optimization conversion rates guides our future product development and their profit potential.”