Unwired Appeal Offers ZaptoPhone

BOSTON – Unwired Appeal has announced the launch of ZaptoPhone Adult, a mobile content delivery service designed to enable adult websites to deliver images and sounds to millions of cell phone subscribers across the USA and around the world.

Unwired Appeal is a mobile technology firm specializing in mobile content delivery and interactive SMS/MMS events for the USA market. ZaptoPhone is a mobile content delivery service, based upon Unwired Appeal's provisioning platform and proprietary Adaptive Content Server (ACS) technology.

The launch follows the unveiling last November of the ZaptoPhone ringtone download service for music websites, and expands the service to include JPEGs and GIFs for adult sites. A demo is available at www.unwired-sex.com.

Websites can be "mobile-enabled" in minutes. A webmaster simply inserts a short line of Java code along with Zaptags for each photo or graphic available for cell phone download. When a website visitor clicks a Zaptag, the ZaptoPhone platform retrieves the content from the host website and places it in a mobile webcart. New users are guided through a fully automated capability test to discern the precise characteristics of their individual cell phones. ZaptoPhone then converts the photo or graphic to fit the screen size/resolution of the cell phone, and transfers the image directly to the phone. Images can be stored in the phone for later viewing or used as wallpaper or a screensaver.

Adult sites are able to define price levels for their content within the ZaptoPhone billing platform. Unwired Appeal assesses a small delivery fee that includes processing fees for credit card, PayPal, 900number, and DuoCash transactions. ZaptoPhone also offers a web interface that connects directly to the billing platform so that websites can track individual transactions in real-time.

For subscription sites wishing to use their own billing platform, ZaptoPhone can also be used as a delivery-only service where websites are charged $0.15 per customer download.

For more information, visit www.ZaptoPhone.com.