PureCash Program to Shutter Doors

Jeff Berg
CYBERSPACE — Adult affiliate program PureCash will be shutting its doors and redirecting all traffic by midnight on March 14, according to a statement made by the company today.

Operated through a partnership between MikeAI’s HiRise Entertainment and Web Entertainment Group, the program will be closing because of MikeAI’s move away from the adult industry as he pursues more mainstream opportunities.

“We respect [his] decisions and wish [him] the best of luck with [his] future endeavors,” a Purecash spokesperson said in the statement. “Due to these circumstances, we feel it is best to close the PureCash program.”

After the announcement was made, speculation on industry message boards ranged from sad to accusatory, with some posters suggesting that PureCash was going to attempt to steal traffic from the affiliate program.

Web Entertainment Group’s Cory Hedgepeth attempted to dissuade that theory with a post on GoFuckYourself.com, clarifying the situation and offering assurances that traffic would be redirected if requested.

“If you email cory@purecash.com with your username for PureCash and the link to a location where you would like all of the traffic from your account redirected to, we will be happy to set that up for you,” Hedgepeth said. “We just wanted to be clear that this is in no way an attempt to steal anyone’s hard-earned traffic, simply a business decision.”

Hedgepeth also assured the community that WEG’s affiliate programs, WEGCash and G3X, would not be closing down.

Hirise and MikeAI’s movement away from PureCash is the second indication of his return to mainstream industry.

In early December, MikeAI and Serge Birbair handed over operation of the Oprano webmaster community to Jim McAnally and Nick.