Netbilling Expands Processing Services

VALENCIA, Calif. – Netbilling, Inc., an established provider of payment processing and merchant services for online merchants, has announced recent changes to its ACH / online check processing capabilities.

Having successfully processed ACH transactions for several years via an outside third party company integrated within the Netbilling system, Netbilling wanted to offer their merchants lower pricing and more flexibility. To do so, meant bringing this check processing capability "in-house." Their new direct relationship has given Netbilling the ability to offer more structured ACH reporting within its own administration area including new ACH reserve reports that display daily fees and disbursements, as well as any outstanding reserves, to Netbilling merchants.

"Netbilling is excited to offer online merchants such a low cost processing alternative to credit cards. Because of our new direct ACH processing relationship, Netbilling is also now able to offer price points that are some of the lowest in the industry, without any monthly fees," Netbilling's President, Mitch Farber, told XBiz.

Netbilling's ACH processing service is available to all Internet-based merchants, even those not processing credit cards through Netbilling.

Pricing plans range between 2.5-5%, depending on risk and business type. The internal fraud scrubbing using Netbilling's "Fraud Defense" modules help minimize surfer fraud, thus reducing returns. Netbilling also now supports EFT transactions through its ACH system and auto represents returned items.

Since 1998, Netbilling has facilitated account acquisition and final implementation, training, and deployment for merchants, providing processing services to thousands of Internet companies of all sizes. Netbilling's services include transaction reporting, membership site management, fraud scrubbing, a free shopping cart, and 24/7 live service for merchants and their customers.