Porndollar Offers Billing for U.K. Traffic

CARSON CITY, Ariz. — Porndollar has announced that they are replacing their dialer billing solution for UK traffic.

With Paycom announcing its acceptance of more UK card holders, Porndollar has decided to offer Paycom's solution as a way of maximizing revenue opportunities. Instead of webmasters being paid on UK dialer sales, they will now receive Porndollar's domestic payouts of up to $30 per signup, including those on free trials.

Porndollar is launching a new site every week with its New Site Tuesday promotion, and is also offering a contest for an all expense paid trip to The Phoenix Forum in March.

"Porndollar is expanding in all areas of business, from weekly new sites, to maximizing new traffic opportunities. And there will be more to come from Porndollar in the coming months. This is definitely the year to become a Porndollar webmaster if you aren't already," said Lori Z., Porndollar's marketing representative.

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