eMensShop.com Not Just for Men Any More

Matt O'Conner
NORTHRIDGE, Calif. – It’s still called eMensShop.com, but now it’s for women too. Emensshop.com has expanded its online catalog to include pleasure products and sexual performance enhancers for the fairer sex.

A new section of the site titled “And Women” features a line of products designed to bring new dimensions of sexuality and intimacy to women’s lives.

The decision to add the new line was a response to requests from the company’s male customer base, according to Norman B. Smith, eMensShop.com CEO.

“Our male customers have been asking us to help them fulfill the needs of their partners, and we’re happy to comply,” Smith said, adding that offering the pink products also made sense from a business standpoint.

“It’s a natural adjunct to what we’ve been doing,” Smith said. “Both our male and female products provide additional profit centers for content sites that come on board as affiliates. We’re going to the same target audience, and this gives affiliates even more opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell their visitors and members.”

Among the first product offerings for women is Femtrex, a little pink pill that increases blood flow and sensitivity, much like Viagra does for men, according to Smith.

Prescription versions of female sexual enhancement pills have been approved overseas and are expected to be approved domestically this year, and emensshop.com wanted to be among the first to offer an over-the-counter alternative, Smith told XBiz.

Other products include a full array of stimulating sex toys and Activator, a colorless, odorless crème that can be used during foreplay and “dramatically increases arousal,” according to the company.

To help promote the line, eMensShop.com has developed a logo of a woman’s beckoning finger.

For more information, contact sales at eMensShop.com by calling (310) 614-9665.