MensNiche Adopts GeoIP Software

NOTTINGHAM, U.K. - MensNiche in conjunction with Mansion Productions has implemented GeoIP functionality which enables their system to deliver targeted content based on the surfer's location.

Recently, MensNiche's parent company Total WebWorks LTD produced a study that showed 96.38% of non-US customers chose not to buy because only US currency was displayed, or because only the traditional, US based payment methods were offered. With the new GeoIP software, MensNiche now displays prices on all of their tour pages in the surfer's local currency.

According to company Technical Director Andrew Slack, "This again puts ahead of the competition. In such a competitive market place, with companies such as LEC, Fastsize, OAInternet, XtremePay and Longz, the leaders of the industry cannot afford to relax for one moment. Constantly innovating, works hard to stay ahead of the curve."

"In addition to the GeoIP software, over the next few months we are also implementing independent payment solutions for the biggest buyers in our market, this includes UK debit cards, Direct Debit solutions for the European market and payment on delivery solutions for Australia. This combined with our current credit card, phone and mail order payment options will make MensNiche the most accessible enlargement solution in the industry," said Slack.

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