Select ICQ Servers Down

Gretchen Gallen
NEW YORK – Networking problems plagued a select number of ICQ users Wednesday morning as parent company America Online reported problems with its ICQ servers, resulting in a temporary loss of contact names and a flurry of board chat and concern from Internet professionals dependent on ICQ as a primary form of communication.

Representatives for ICQ were quick to assure users that the problem is currently being worked on and will be resolved in due time. ICQ staffers also urged users not to panic and assured them that all names in their contact lists would eventually reappear and that they are safely stored on ICQ servers.

"Due to networking problems, you may experience difficulties when loading your ICQ Contact List," ICQ stated on its homepage. "We are working on fixing this issue."

ICQ recognized a similar problem in Eastern Europe, claiming the problem was related to issues with WinSoftware Company and that many users were experiencing problems with their contact lists as well. The problem was confirmed by users in Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic.

"We suspect that our customers in other East European countries experience the same problems with their ICQ service," ICQ stated. "Though the problem doesn’t seem to be a critical one and is most likely to be resolved soon."

Meanwhile, the ICQ Message Board was busy with postings from concerned and inconvenienced users.

"Today I tried to log in, but my contact list was gone…I tried it five times and then installed the latest ICQ version (5), but my list is still gone. It's urgent that I get it back. What shall I do? Please help me," one user posted.

"Same problem, last weekend. I changed from ICQ4 to ICQ5, and now today no contact in my list! I'm very, very angry!" stated another user.

Representatives for ICQ or AOL were not available for comment.

ICQ is typically the instant messenger service of choice for the online adult world. The popular service, which stands for "I Seek You," currently has an estimated 8 million daily users and a global user base of more than 175 million.