DateApp Rolls Out Applications for Asia and Europe

Gretchen Gallen
ATLANTA – On the heels of launching a customizable dating application for webmasters that can be deployed via SMS, video chat and other mobile formats, DateApp has turned its focus to providing dating applications for the European and Asian markets.

Over the next 12 months, the Atlanta, Ga.-based script builder plans to roll out DateApp's ASP Dating Platform applications that cater to multilingual templates, international billing, marketing and customer support.

DateApp CEO John Michael Cataldi said that the company's new global strategy is in response to a higher-than-usual demand for ethnic or international language dating tools.

Cataldi said that in reaching these new markets, his company will focus on the standardization of their content management systems to handle various language requirements and translation on demand between consumers.

“We have had an over whelming response from the European markets and a growing interest from Asian webmasters seeking an enterprise dating solution that can scale both in scope and featured applications.” said Lee Markham, DateApp's vice president of technology.

Recent statistics state that in the U.S. alone, websites that cater to online dating and personals generate $300 million yearly, with revenues expected to skyrocket once European, Asian and Latin American territories are tapped into.