T3Report Launches T3Lite

Gretchen Gallen
AUSTIN, Texas – In response to webmaster queries, Cydata Services has rolled out T3Lite – a less expensive, scaled-back alternative to its more in-depth counterpart, T3Report – company owner Brandon Shalton announced.

Based on the same principal as Shalton's original T3Report, a monthly traffic spidering and data-mining report, T3Lite provides the same linking analysis that reveals all found affiliates that send traffic to the domain as well as all the found domains that send traffic to the affiliates, but at a lower price.

Shalton added that website owners can also order a report on a competitor or another site to find out where their traffic generates from.

Additionally, Shalton added, both reports can help website owners optimize their own relationships with affiliates.

However, the less expensive version, at a rate of $149, only reports on second-level links that don't exceed 500 domain links, Shalton told XBiz. But the T3Lite report can be upgraded for $200 to the full report.

"Because it's a lower prices point, ever webmaster should try it out until they can make the decision to upgrade to the full report to get all the data," Shalton said. “Affiliate managers can use the reports on their own domains to maximize existing relationships by identifying which affiliates have the potential to send more traffic based upon knowing where they get their traffic from."

Both the T3Report and T3Lite reports are generated on a monthly basis.