RealBigCash Adds Mainstream Products

CARSON CITY, Nev. – RealBigCash, Inc. has announced the addition of several new mainstream products to their adult site network, allowing webmasters to promote both adult and mainstream network products with one affiliate account.

"While some adult sponsor programs do offer somewhat non-adult items such as herbals and enhancers, webmasters in the RealBigCash, Inc. network can now promote so much more," said RealBigCash, Inc. Director of Operations Shannon, adding that "Our latest additions to the network include such things as debt relief, auction secrets, casino success, divorce prep, diet aides, and incentive programs for iPods and Blackberries... all of which can be promoted with the same affiliate account the webmasters are using to promote over 100 adult sites and products."

As with the adult sites available in the RealBigCash, Inc. network, webmasters promoting non-adult products are able to select from a variety of promotional tools such as CAN-SPAM compliant mailer ads, hosted banners and FPA's. Stats over all of the programs are reported in real-time and webmasters can also view stats for their hosted galleries and customized banner rotations. Webmasters can earn payouts of up to $100/join.

In addition, RealBigCash, Inc. has recently added 60 new console-free adult pay site tours. "Many of our webmasters require console-free tours for their promotions so, of course, we will provide them with the tools that they need to run their businesses," concluded Shannon.

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