Smashbucks Names New Vice President

Calif. – Smashbucks has announced that Ellisa, formerly of Platinum Bucks, will be joining the Smashbucks team in the capacity of VP of Sales and Marketing.

Ellisa brings to the table years over 10 years of sales experience and a background in mainstream marketing. Along with this she had two years tenure at Platinum Bucks.

"We are really excited to have Ellisa come on board with us at Smashbucks. We look forward to her expertise and her creativity. We expect that her talent and knowledge coupled with our unique resources will help us to grow to be one of the leaders in the industry," said Mike Hawk, CEO of Smashbucks.

"Having worked with one of the leading companies in this industry and seeing how an affiliate program can be strong and successful I am looking forward to working with a grass roots organization and really being responsible for the growth of the company," added Ellisa.

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