NYPD to Johnny Hazzard: Put Your Pants On

Matt O'Conner
NEW YORK, N.Y. – Eighties pop icon Boy George this week tapped gay adult star Johnny Hazzard to kick off a fashion show for his new B-Rude clothing line during Fashion Week events in New York City.

But the singer didn’t ask Hazzard to wear one of his designs. In fact, he didn’t ask the Rascal Video star to wear anything at all.

Hazzard was all set to walk the runway modeling nothing more than his skin and a smile — until the NYPD stepped in.

“At the eleventh hour, the state of New York said they would arrest him if he opened the show nude,” said Jason Sechrest, spokesperson for Rascal Video chief Chi Chi LaRue. “But he wore as little as possible anyway and opened the show to tremendous applause.”

Working under the pseudonym “The Twin,” George recently scored the music to Lucas Entertainment’s gay hardcore feature “Manhattan Heat.” He also has photographed Hazzard modeling B-Rude clothes for the company’s ads.

The singer describes his apparel line as “a sort of urban camouflage style incorporating all my confusing ideas about modern culture and its attitude to sex and sexuality.” George added, “Modern culture attempts to put all homosexuals in a fluffy pink box, and I am trying to say that there are many queer flavors.”

And according to the Karma Chameleon, Hazzard was the perfect model to break down all those misconceptions.

“The idea of a beautiful man in a pair of designer knickers with an erection is more honest than most adverts,” George said. “I put Johnny in a t-shirt that said, ‘Watch me play with my cock,’ because that’s really what we all want to see.”