FlashCash Presents CD Release Party

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – FlashCash will present a CD Release Party for their DJ MIX Series #1, on February 18th, at "On Broadway" in downtown San Diego.

According to the promoters, the event will be a "convergence of music, fashion, and porn," featuring DJ K playing the new CD, go-go dancers, and more.

"When working with DJ K, I told him I was looking for the kind of CD that a webmaster would listen to while working on Photoshop late at night, or something you would listen to in the car on your way to a club," said FlashCash's Minister of Pink, adding that "It is really exciting that we're going to be able to hear the music live and loud, in one of the most slamming clubs in Southern California."

The "On Broadway Event Center" is located at 6th and Broadway in the heart of downtown San Diego. Dress code and directions available at their website, www.obec.tv.

The event is open to the public. Webmasters can e-mail halcyon@flashcash.com for VIP list privileges.