U.K. Institutes Adult Satellite Channel Ban

Jeff Berg
LONDON — The British government is now moving to ban all access to a European satellite channel accused of airing content that is potentially harmful to children, said United Kingdom Broadcasting Minister Andrew McIntosh this week.

The new order passed down under section 1777 of the U.K. Broadcasting Act prohibits the distribution or sale of decoding cards or other technological equipment required to view Naples, Italy-based Extasi TV.

“I have viewed the material from the channel and consider that a proscription order would be in the public interest, in particular to ensure that children are not exposed to such potentially harmful material,” McIntosh said.

The channel, which broadcasts to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, says it caters to the “more and more refined requests coming from hardcore satellite audiences” and features golden shower, sadomasochism and bondage-themed content — “everything going beyond the classic hardcore movie and allowing to widen the knowledge and continuously updated variety of genres which the field of hardcore offers to all viewers,” the company said.

Each day of the week is dedicated to a different genre and three movies are rerun continuously over the course of the day.

Under the government order, Extasi TV would also be prohibited from advertising goods or services within the country and publishing the time schedules or other information about the channel’s programming.

Individuals viewing the channel or already possessing subscription or decoding equipment will not be punished.

Supplying content to the channel, or even offering to supply it, would also be made illegal.

If the order is not challenged by Parliament, it is scheduled to take effect on Feb. 21.