Ashton Gray Offers Affiliate Program

CYBERSPACE – Hustler pin-up girl Ashton Gray has announced the addition of an affiliate program to her live video chat site.

Having spent most of the end of last year doing photo shoots with the likes of Suze Randall, Ron Harris and Jim Gianatsis, Gray claims to have made many new friends and contacts, stating that "I had more than a couple people that I shot with who would like to know about my affiliate program. I didn't know what to tell them."

The affiliate program on is paying out 25% for every minute any referral spends in pay chat with any performer on Gray's site. "And I don't pay just the minutes the customer spends in pay chat. Affiliates get paid ahead of time, before the customer even goes to private chat. So if he deposits $200 in his e-wallet, you get fifty bucks, even if he doesn't spend it all on the site for a month," said Gray.

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