GigaCash Launches GigaBlaster TGP Tool

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – GigaCash has announced the launch of their new GigaBlaster service, an innovative new traffic generation feature included in version 2.0 of its adult affiliate program.

GigaBlaster is a free tool for Thumbnail Gallery Post (TGP) webmasters that serves 2 purposes: Webmasters can boost traffic to their galleries by submitting them to the GigaBlaster service, and they can also update their TGP site through GigaBlaster's user-friendly gallery listings which are updated throughout the day.

According to GigaCash Vice President Stephen Bugbee, "This is just another way that we are trying to help webmasters promote GigaCash's family of sites quickly and easily. This is a great additional offering to the new suite of GigaCash 2.0 Webmaster tools."

GigaBlaster is a free service. Gallery submit form requires an active GigaCash account.

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