Global Exchange Billing Integrates with MPA3

Matt O'Conner
BALTIMORE, Md. – Global Exchange Billing Ltd. has integrated with the popular affiliate-program software MPA3.

For webmasters using MPA3, GXB integration means they can bill all their traffic without worrying about a surfer’s native language, geographic location, ability to use a credit card, or type of Internet connection, said Sam Anson, director of business development for Global Exchange Billing.

“GXB’s billing platform was requested by many of our largest customers, so the fit was perfect,” said Oystein Wright, chief executive officer of Mansion Productions Inc., maker of MPA3.

“The guys at MPA3 clearly understand just how important cascading billing, geo filtering and multi-lingual billing options are these days,” added Anson.

MPA3 is a cascading billing script that allows users to be passed through multiple billing processors upon decline.

Oystein said Mansion’s customers sought out GXB to maximize billing potential in the international market. With the addition of GXB, MPA3 offers customers an international billing platform that includes a suite of customized, multi-lingual billing tools.

Among GXB’s unique capabilities are a billing engine that efficiently converts pay-by-phone traffic; browser language detection tools that automatically serve up content in a surfer’s preferred language; geo-location scripts that produce appropriate billing solutions for each of 250 countries; and speed-detection tools that automatically route surfer’s to either dial-up or broadband billing solutions.

The GXB payment platform is now available for all MPA3 clients, complete with affiliate tracking and member management functionality.