Cherry Boxxx Pictures Animates Hardcore

Matt O'Conner
CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Cherry Boxxx Pictures on Feb.11 will release the first volume of a new DVD series titled “Pornomation.”

Created by husband-and-wife animation team Sagemonn and Karynna, “Pornomation” blends innovative computer animation, sci-fi fantasy themes and explicit sexual storytelling. The result is an erotic fantasy utopia.

“From dark and brooding to light and whimsical, these artist aim for the core of both men’s and women’s sexual desires,” the company said.

Adult blog called Sagemonn’s and Karynna’s work “a connoisseur's choice of explicit and gorgeously rendered imagery, including extraterrestrial orgies, auto-cunnilingus aliens, and assorted techno-fetish delights.”

Kevin Beechum, president of Cherry Box Pictures, said he acquired the rights to “Pornomation” late last year and ran trailers for the series at the 2005 Adult Entertainment Expo, drawing more than 4,000 pre-orders.

The DVD features high-resolution 3D and digital art animation with several erotic adventures, as well as an interview with the creators.

According to the company, the release will be the first in an ongoing series, with new volumes slated to be released over the next three to six months.