Titan Media, Paladin End Distribution Deal

Rhett Pardon
SAN FRANCISCO — Titan Media’s parent company has decided to bring its U.S. wholesale distribution in-house.

Io Group, Inc., which owns Titan and ManPlay, cut ties on Friday with Paladin Video, a San Fernando Valley company that continues to distribute Falcon and Colt Studio Group products.

"By controlling our own wholesale distribution, we can ensure that all energies are directed towards selling Titan products only," Keith Webb, Io’s vice president of sales and marketing, told XBiz. "We weren't getting the attention that we needed to continue our success."

Laurie of Paladin told XBiz that Io Group’s decision was an amicable one. “Sometimes businesses just have to go their own ways,” she said.

Paladin was responsible solely for the distribution of Titan products, Webb said.

"We will soon hire a full-time salesperson as we bring distribution to our offices," said Webb, who noted that the privately held 10-year-old company saw a 35 percent increase in gross sales last year. "We're on a roll."