Homegrown’s Farrell to Appear on 20/20

Jeff Berg
LOS ANGELES — Homegrown Video’s Farrell Timlake is scheduled to appear on news program “20/20” Friday evening, discussing the reasons for the recent popularity of homemade videos.

The episode, titled “Caught on Tape,” centers around the camera and how it is changing everyday life.

Timlake told XBiz that the interview was filmed almost a year ago when the Paris Hilton video story first received media attention.

“I think that only a small part of what I was talking about was Paris Hilton,” Timlake said. “It was more about why people make homemade videos now.”

The interview was originally scheduled to air closer to when it was filmed, but has been postponed several times, according to Timlake.

“I think three other times I thought it was going to happen,” Timlake said. “They said they liked the interview and really wanted to use it in something.”

Delays aside, Timlake said the experience was a good one.

“The guy who interviewed me was very cool,” Timlake said. “There was no targeting the adult industry, no slams. I don’t think there’s anything in there that could be taken negatively.”

No stranger to being on network programs, Timlake has appeared a variety of talk shows over the years, including being interviewed by Larry King. Even being a veteran, though, Timlake said he still gets excited about television appearances.

“I’m always excited to be on television,” Timlake told XBiz. “It’s all hype and I’m kind of a media whore, so it’s good. I used to get really nervous and sweat during the interviews, but I’ve gotten a lot better.”